Wasp pest control

wasp and bee pest control

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Handy Information About Wasp Problems

They typically live in and near holes in the earth, garden sheds, compost piles, and other small cracks and crevices.

Stings should be anticipated if you are close to a nest or swarm because you are likely to be perceived as a threat. We advise removing bee nests as soon as possible.

So it’s a good idea to call the experts and get the wasp nest removal done when they decide to swarm or nest in your cavity walls, shrubs, or roof soffits.

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Will they just go away?

wasp and bee pest control

A nest should never be disregarded. The majority of the nest will die off with the arrival of winter, but wasps and bees will continue to expand as long as the weather permits.

However, each surviving nest’s queen will lay between 8 and 20 fresh eggs at the end of the season. These eggs will be used to start a new nest close by. This implies that your issue will probably be MUCH worse the next year.

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Guaranteed Service

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